From Grape to Glass

A visit to the Villa Cordevigo vineyards

The Villa Cordevigo vineyards start at the end of the green lawns around the swimming pool, embroidering the land with rows of vines which are a feast for the eyes and the soul.

A visit to the estate, with on foot or by bike, accompanied by an expert on wines, will be a truly memorable experience and also extremely informative. Our local expert will explain all the characteristics and secrets of cultivation techniques producing the finest Veneto wines. He will also talk about the various seasons and how they can influence the vines, the grapes, the wines.

He will introduce you to an ancient and fascinating world, one which since ancient times revolves around the countryside, the sun and the moon, the rains, the rhythms of Nature and her seasons. But he will also explain all the advantages of technology applied to vinification and the secrets leading to a good wine.

And the final touch to this fascinating experience, on returning to the tasting room at Villa Cordevigo, is a toast to the god of wine, Bacchus.