Sustainability is among our top priorities, a mission in fact.

Villa Cordevigo has consistently made efforts to reduce its carbon footprint, endorsing and promoting a healthier lifestyle to benefit the planet and its inhabitants, both animals and plants.

Villa Cordevigo is a Wine Relais owned by the winery Azienda Vinicola Villabella, with 23 hectares of land and vineyards surrounding it being cultivated organically. Villabella produces a range of wines under the Villa Cordevigo label, three of which, Chardonnay, Bardolino and Rosé, are organic.

Villabella has a total of 250 hectares under vine in Veneto and follows the indications of the European code of conduct for integrated production and cultivation. With a fine dining Michelin star restaurant and a second restaurant for resident guests and the public alike, we are focused on the need for locally sourced produce of the finest quality, supporting our local farmers and producers.

  • Beekeeping on the Villa Cordevigo estate

    Beekeeping on the Villa Cordevigo estate

    And to give our local countryside a boost we have recently introduced beekeeping on the Villa Cordevigo estate. 6 hives, each containing 50,000 bees working away to give us honey, propolis, royal jelly, honeycombs and the assurance that the benefits of pollination and cross pollination will never be lost to our local residents and visitors.

  • Championed the cause of bio-diversity

    Championed the cause of bio-diversity

    Have long championed the cause of bio-diversity, avoiding the excessive concentration of crops in our area. The Villa is surrounded by organic vineyards and olive groves, but Azienda Vinicola Villabella has land under vine in all the local Veneto areas producing top wines. Not only the most famous local grapes such as Corvina Veronese and Rondinella are grown, but also lesser known varieties, such as Oseleta, an ancient variety which has given its name to our much loved award-winning restaurant, and even autochthonous ones such as Turbiana giving us the much appreciated Lugana white that hails from vineyards on the southern shores of Lake Garda.

  • In 2021, we introduced our 2 km Fitness Trail

    In 2021, we introduced our 2 km Fitness Trail

    In 2021, we introduced our 2 km Fitness Trail, a broad earth track ideal for use on foot or by bike which goes round the estate, offering not only great opportunities for exercise, thanks to the equipment placed at intervals throughout, with instructions for use, but also magnificent views over the vineyards and, at one point, as far as Lake Garda itself.

  • In 2022 we added another two important new features

    In 2022 we added another two important new features

    In 2022 we added another two important new features: 216 photovoltaic solar panels for a total area of 403.92 square metres, installed on the private carpark’s protective covering, guaranteeing partial autonomy in solar power, with plans for more in coming years. Currently, an annual amount of 81410 Kwh of electricity is being produced.

    Furthermore, in 2022, organic vegetable gardens were planted and enlarged to reach 1800 square metres in 2023. These now give an integral part of the supply of fruit and vegetables provided by local farmers, favouring local species of herbs, salad and summer fruits, underpinning biodiversity in the surrounding area. Cultivation is achieved in the full respect of nature, having no recourse to chemical products.

  • Moving in a sustainable way

    Moving in a sustainable way

    Our guests come to discover the beautifully diverse area between Lake Garda and Verona.  We believe seeing it from the open air is best! So we make 8 bikes available to them, and two electric ones; we have also put together a range of walks and bike rides for the enjoyment of all who opt for active holidays. For guests arriving with their electric or hybrid vehicles, or a Tesla, we are delighted to offer complimentary use of a re-charging station.

  • Ultime novità

    Ultime novità

    And, of course, our four-legged friends are more than welcome in dedicated rooms with doggy beds and bowls!

    Last but not least, in 2022 our efforts to be increasingly sustainable were recognised by Virtuoso, the prestigious worldwide affiliation of luxury travel designers and hotels with acceptance into their Sustainability Community.