Oseleta Restaurant

A Michelin starred temple to Italian Cuisine

Villa Cordevigo's restaurant Oseleta offers a journey of the senses through the culinary art of Michelin starred chef Giuseppe D’Aquino.

Oseleta is an appealingly atmospheric restaurant which recalls the agricultural culture of Cordevigo as a place rather than a property and focuses on traditional flavours while reflecting the aristocratic, noble history of the residence, all thanks to the signature of this artist of Italian gastronomy. Fine raw materials and a well-defined identity make the Oseleta into a temple to fine Italian cuisine. The pleasures of the table and the culinary arts are the principles which guide the chef in his creation of delightful flavours that simply charm the senses.

Simplicity, excellence, seasonality, but also the constant research for synergy between various elements – on occasion unusual ones – all his to enhance the quality of the products used in his recipes. These are the guidelines to Giuseppe D'Aquino's culinary philosophy.

A tribute to simplicity would be his signature dish “spaghetti with piennolo tomato, burrata and lemon zest”, while a fertile mix of diverse regional cuisines would be “amberjack, caprino goat's cheese, lime, piennolo tomato, celery sorbet”, the chef's double tribute to both his homeland and his current home, Veneto. Amberjack and piennolo tomato are typical products of the south that are coupled with the goat's cream cheese that is local to the mountain farms of Veneto.

A portrait of Mediterranean character is to be found in the dish “red mullet, romesco sauce, river watercress” where the colours, shape and consistency of the red mullet remain unaltered, conveying the beauty of the fish which looks almost alive as it swims through the clear waters of the coast of Campania.

In the Oseleta restaurant's kitchens there is particular awareness for health and wellbeing and so a meal's sweet finale will not be over-sweet if one chooses “Green”, a celery and white chocolate mousse contained in a basil and lemon gelatine covering, accompanied by a green apple sorbet and shoots.

Amateurs and experts alike will appreciate the finely-stocked wine cellar at the Oseleta, which prides itself on being one of the richest in the area, with over 600 labels.

The finest Veneto, Italian and international wines are selected with great care by our maître and sommelier, well affirmed professionals as well as indefatigable researchers of rare and prestigious bottles and fine new entries into the market place.

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    A Neapolitan heart, training in France, an Italian soul: Giuseppe D'Aquino, Michelin starred chef

  • Oseleta Restaurant

    Oseleta Restaurant

    A Michelin starred temple to Italian Cuisine

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    Pleasure at table and the beauty of the landscape