The gardens

A romantic setting of age-old trees and water features

Villa Cordevigo is a historical patrician villa with a variety of landscape, horticultural and vegetable gardens.

passing easily and pleasantly from the shady cypress-lined drive into the palace courtyard and beautiful Italianate garden with its fragrant rosebushes and a tinkling fountain. Then come jasmine-lined courtyards and ancient terraces with statues leading to the enormous park behind the villa.

where we find age-old trees, cypresses, plantains and horse-chestnuts casting shadows over the paths where a relaxing stroll is accompanied by birdsong. During the summer months, the chiaroscuro of the park makes for a unique play of light and shade.

A spring inspires thoughts of fairies dancing in an idyllic landscape. Outside the park's walls, cool green lawns give way to lush countryside and the surrounding vineyards, gently and elegantly mark the boundaries.

The organically cultivated vegetable and fruit gardens can be glimpsed in the distance from the green lawns embellished with statues of the Four Seasons. They provide the kitchens of our two restaurants with aromatic herbs, salads, fruit and vegetables.

The vegetable gardens in an area of 1800 square metres, are carefully tended and cultivation is organic, producing excellent raw materials that are rich in flavour, but they also cause a few worries for Benvenuto, the gardener who personally takes care of them with untiring passion.


He will not use weedkillers or chemical sustances to keep pests, insects and slugs at bay as he loves to produce traditional, natural goodness from his earth. He encourages wild herbs and each year plants marigolds to keep insects, mosquitoes and worms away.

Even the birds are discouraged by large fake birds apparently flying over the plants, an interesting new kind of scarecrow.

Just a short stroll from the vegetable gardens is the start of the Fitness Trail, a broad even path ideal for running, walking or biking its 2 kilometer length through vineyards and olive groves, offering views from its highest point called the Observatory, over the countryside to Lake Garda in the distance.

Special exercise equipment with instructions for use is placed at intervals along the trail and, together with the air-conditioned gym overlooking the pool and and the Essentia spa, Villa Cordevigo becomes a natural choice for anyone looking after personal fitness while still enjoying our light tasty cuisine and excellent wines from the estate.


There are places that offer so much charm of differing kinds: art, history and nature.