Wine tasting

A toast to Dionysus in the Villa Cordevigo cellar

Our relais is closely related to the winery and estate where the grapes cultivated then become Villabella wines.

Amarone, Valpolicella, Bardolino, Chiaretto and Lugana are just some of the wines of our most recent production, but there many more besides.

So our guests can enjoy tasting our Villabella wines, we have a typical cellar and a tasting-room where, quite apart from libations dedicated to Dionysus, we offer the opportunity to enjoy a guided tasting with our highly knowledgeable sommelier.

The wines will be paired with local cheese. Tastings can be booked every day subject to availability for a minimum od 2 partecipants. 

  • Wine tasting “La Rossa” Villa Cordevigo and Villabella winery

    • Morlongo Bardolino Classico doc
    • Montemazzano Igt
    • Villa Cordevigo Rosso Igt
    • Amarone della Valpolicella doc
  • Degustazione “La Nostra Terra” di vini Villa Cordevigo

    • Chardonnay Garda doc biologico Villa Cordevigo
    • Bardolino Chiaretto doc Classico biologico Villa Cordevigo
    • Bianco Veronese Igt Villa Cordevigo Bianco
    • Bardolino doc Classico biologico Villa Cordevigo
    • Rosso Veronese Igt Villa Cordevigo Rosso
    • Passito del Veneto Igt Fiordilej
  • Degustazione “Verona e Dintorni” di vini Villabella

    • Soave doc Classico
    • Lugana doc
    • Valpolicella Ripasso doc Classico Superiore
    • Amarone della Valpolicella doc Classico
    • Fracastoro Amarone della Valpolicella doc Classico