There are places that offer so much charm of differing kinds: art, history and nature.

Villa Cordevigo is an ancient patrician residence going back to the 18th Century, in an unrivalled country setting.

It has all the charm of the Veneto villas with their subtle balance between geometrical lines and rotundity, the perfect blend of the architecture of palaces and the design of landscape enclosed in the estate called Cordevigo in a little area  that was once an ancient Roman settlement. Villa Cordevigo has seen its changes over the centuries.

The original nucleus goes back to the Renaissance but then in the 17th and 18th Centuries it was transformed according to styles in vogue at the time.

Laterally to the main house are two lower wings forming a square design with a large court with an artistic fountain and small Italianate garden at its centre. The complex also includes a beautiful Renaissance patrician chapel dedicated to St Martin, a vast park and immense stretches of vineyard. For centuries the Cordevigo complex lay at the heart of the large landed estates belonging to Count Lombardo, then passing into the hands of the families of the Counts Dolci, Saladini and De Moreschi.


Today the Cristoforetti and Delibori families have turned Villa Cordevigo into a place of harmony, a charming wine relais which combines wellness, health and beauty with fine food and wine. Oseleta, the restaurant awarded a Michelin star and the Fracastoro Room, a temple to wine tastings, both promise unique sensory experiences. An open air pool and Spa also offer unforgettable  moments of relaxation.

  • The Church

    The Church

    Religion, history and art in the patrician chapel of the Villa

  • The gardens

    The gardens

    A romantic setting of age-old trees and water features