Hiking and Biking

Enjoy discovering our magnificent area in a healthy, sustainable way

All around Villa Cordevigo you will find a whole world of nature to befriend, it is the perfect destination for anyone wishing to explore and gain in-depth knowledge of the countryside, mountains and lake, the city too, either walking or cycling and enjoying clean air, lush vegetation and exciting highlands.

There is an extensive network of paths through vineyards, meadows, woods and hills which are quite astonishing for their Mediterranean beauty in the midst of the hilly and mountainous Veneto region. Veneto is loved for the Dolomites, considered the most beautiful mountains in the world, for the architecture of the fascinating historical country villas, spirituality defined by the many beautiful churches, the variety of its products and an infinite biodiversity. Discover the miracle and magic of this Region and you will return again and again. Nature, history, culture and art, ethical agriculture …. A community which increasingly seeks and finds the benefits of sustainability and ever more actively curates the health of its people, its friends and Planet Earth’s environment.