About R&C

600 exceptional establishments!

Since it was founded in 1954 from the union of great hoteliers and chefs, Relais & Châteaux has been a unique point of reference in the hospitality industry and in fine dining.

Relais & Châteaux is an Association of 600 exceptional establishments, independently owned hotels and villas, their maîtres de maison and Chefs forming one great like-minded family. Together these unique personalities open new horizons in hospitality, inviting their guests to experience new, bespoke journeys in all 5 continents, so they may savour their unique perception of the Art of Living and collect unforgettable memories.

This is our , Relais & Châteaux mark of distinction, our signature: “Everywhere in the world, unique in the world”.

In 2014, endorsing the Manifesto and its 20 commitments, Relais & Châteaux has laid the foundations of a shared journey aiming to create “A better world through cuisine and hospitality”. A great project by means of which the Association intends to elevate the Art of Living in all its connotations to the rank of the tenth art.

«Hoteliers and restaurateurs must let their hearts talk», is what Marcel Tilloy recommended.

Today, 70 years later, it is no different.