Wine tasting

A stay at Villa Cordevigo will not be complete without have enjoyed one of the wine tastings the Cristoforetti and Delibori families have designed for guests in residence.

Knowing our wines means knowing our territory, our identity and its infinite diversity of which our organic vineyards are our pride and strength.

The earth and its composition, the seasons that influence the vintage, the fruit and the time it will be harvested, how to identify its scents, colours and pairings: these are just a few of the many important aspects that help us choose a wine to buy, or which wine to drink with a certain food or dish.

A tasting chosen from those created to impart these notions will be enjoyable, educational and above all tasty!

  • Wine Tasting “Lake Garda”

    € 35 a persona

    • Chiaretto di Bardolino Classico Doc Villabella
    • Morlongo Anniversary Bardolino Classico Doc Villabella
    • Montemazzano Igt Villabella
    • Villa Cordevigo Rosso Igt
  • Wine Tasting “Villa Cordevigo”

    € 40 a persona

    • Chiaretto di Bardolino Doc Classico biologico Villa Cordevigo
    • Bianco Veronese Igt Villa Cordevigo Bianco
    • Bardolino Doc Classico biologico Villa Cordevigo
    • Rosso Veronese Igt Villa Cordevigo Rosso
  • Wine Tasting “From West to East”

    € 50 a persona

    • Lugana Doc Villabella
    • Villa Cordevigo Bianco Igt
    • Amarone della Valpolicella Docg Classico Villabella
    • Fracastoro Amarone della Valpolicella Docg classico Riserva Villabella

Vigneti Villabella

Taste and flavour in a villa. Villabella wines from the grapes in the Cordevigo estate vineyards

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