The ancient art of massage

This concentrates its attention on health and beauty, inviting one to silent contemplation of oneself, one's inner self. There are distinct differences between ancient, traditional massage and modern techniques, but both offer the body healthy responses and mental well-being, releasing great resources of energy.

This is a fundamental in all cultures. We learn from this art with a passion, continually updating, advising and informing with great respect, because ours is a journey that is constantly breaking new ground.

Benvenuti in Essentia spa

  • Anti-stress massage

    50 min. € 90,00

    One of the oldest treatments used to alleviate fatigue, pain, and relax at the same time. It’s recommended for those searching for a relaxing time, by loosening up accumulated tensions of everyday.

  • Swedish massage

    50 min. € 90,00

    The ultimate Western massage, it’s characterized by its energetic manipulation. It helps to loosen up local tensions and it’s considered a supportive treatment for sciatica, lumbago, muscle problems. It’s recommended for sportspeople.

  • Lomi Lomi

    50 min. € 90,00

    The Hawaiian massage: an ancient art with a distinct style, a ritual celebrating life and helping to regain the balance. Long and rhythmic movements boost breathing, improve the blood flow, instilling a sense of well

  • Lifting manual massage

    50 min. € 90,00

    A real manual beauty treatment providing more oxygen to tissues, stimulating muscles and sculpting cheekbones. It’s recommended for anyone wishing to awaken the skin of your face.

  • Modeling massage

    50 min. € 90,00

    This massage technique, also known as modelage, aims to stimulate areas which are particularly susceptible to loss of firmness and elasticity. It’s recommended for women.

  • Candle massage

    50 min. € 90,00

    Vegetable oils and butters melting and slowly slipping on the body. A real sensory ritual. It’s recommended for everyone, especially for those who need a greater skin moisturizing.

  • Stone massage

    50 min. € 90,00

    An ancient curative treatment which consists in using basalt stones of volcanic origin able to retain and slowly release heat, bringing benefits to body and mind. It’s recommended for those who want to recharge the energy channels and detoxify the skin.

  • Thai foot massage

    50 min. € 90,00

    Also known as Thai foot massage, it’s a treatment involving legs and feet through physical pressures and stretching, in order to open every Sen and release energy. It’s recommended for everyone, young people and adults.

  • Partial massage (back or face)

    25 min. € 50,00

    The pleasure of a wellness break useful to relieve every feeling of tension through specific movements on the selected area thanks to the use of carefully selected essential oils.

  • Facial treatment (face or specific eye contour mask)

    25 min. € 50,00

    An act of love to dedicate to yourself when time is short: the high percentage of active ingredients in Vinoble masks exerts an intensive and immediate effect.