Remedies from natural therapies

Beauty and helath with ancient natural treatments

These are entirely natural practices, known to man since time immemorial

Turkish baths, rubbing down, Finnish sauna. And yet, even today in this technological age, they give excellent results and benefit wellbeing.

They treat skin blemishes, rejuvenare, relieve tension, help lose localised fat, regenerate tissues. They are plesant treatments to enjoy with confidence because they are entirely natural and have the advantage of making both body and face more beautiful and healthier, freeing the mind from the stresses of a hectic daily life.

  • Smog And Skin

    30 min. body scrub + Turkish bath € 45,00

    Oxygenates , smoothes and illuminates in a winning pairing of marine salt and Turkish bath.

  • Muscular Stress

    30 min. muscular rub + Finnish sauna € 45,00

    Anti-inflammatory and detoxing properties contained in the oily solutions, rubbed and massaged in and paired with the Finnish sauna.

  • Fat Burning

    30 min. body rub + infrared sauna € 45,00

    Reducing, diaphoretic, draining liquids in excess: by means of exclusively vegetable oily solutions together with the energy of the latest infrared sauna.