Lomi Lomi

From the Pacific, the ancient therapeutic art of Hawaian Shamans

Lomi Lomi has always included a purification of the body both internally and externally, with the use of botanical remedies.

Hawaian tradition has a strong, rich botanical medicine called Haulapao as well as psycho-spiritual procedures for emotional rebalancing, Hoponopono.

The soft tissues are worked on via massage. We present three techniques of massage, not new-age interpretations but original versions recognised by the natives of the archipelago. We also use “Lomi Lomi oil”, a precious vegetable oil prepared with fresh essences.

  • Lomi lomi massage

    50 min. € 90

    The Hawaiian massage: an ancient art with a distinct style, a ritual celebrating life and helping to regain the balance. Long and rhythmic movements boost breathing, improve the blood flow, instilling a sense of well-being. It’s recommended for everyone, young people and adults.