Visit Borghetto and a Valpolicella winery

Borghetto, one of the 100 most beautiful walled villages in Italy, an ancient Lombard village where time seems to stand still

It is a little hamlet attached to Valeggio, on the banks of the River Mincio, not far from Peschiera del Garda and just 30 minutes from Villa Cordevigo. Valeggio is known as the place of origin of the filled pasta called "tortellino".

Every year on the second Tuesday of June, the Feast of the "Nodo d'Amore" or Love Knot is held. The ancient bridge, the Ponte Visconteo, becomes the scene of a special feast, and a long, long table is set up where literally thousands will sit and feast on a menu rigorously consisting of Tortellini from Valeggio.

This lovely folkloristic feast originates from a medieval legend and closes with a firework display. A Villa Cordevigo trip to Borghetto is not just a tour of the village to admire its historical and architectural beauty but also takes in a visit to the artisan workshops where the tortellino filled pasta is made, to discover the secrets surrounding this ancient tradition and admire the dextrous skill and mastery of the artisans making the famous Valeggio tortellino.

The day ends in the afternoon with a visit to one of the most beautiful wineries and cellars in Valpolicella, where fine wines await tasting with a toast to the god of wine, Bacchus.