Vigneti Villabella

Winery on the hills of Bardolino

Vigneti Villabella was founded in 1971 by Walter Delibori and Giorgio Cristoforetti in Calmasino, in the heart of the renowned area of Bardolino classico, on the hills overlooking Lake Garda; it is still owned by the same families who are both actively involved in its running and management.

Production includes all the great classics of the area around Verona, such as Bardolino, Lugana, Custoza, Soave, Valpolicella, Ripasso and Amarone and the great IGT reds and whites made with autochthonous grapes from the province of Verona. Vigneti Villabella has 220 hectares vineyards, mostly owned and a few leased.

The acquisition of Villa Cordevigo in the area of Bardolino Classico, represents the heart of the company and the synopsis of the Villabella project which aims to preserve and enhance the culture and tradition of the territory, seeking out the intrinsic value of autochthonous wines, starting with respect for the land and care for the vineyards. An enormous potential is represented by an estate of 100 hectares under vine which every year presents consumers of the world with a very fine - typically Italian - selection of top quality wines from a truly unique place.

Furthermore, over the last few years, an ongoing process of conversion to organic cultivation signifies 23 hectares have been certified, thanks to maximum respect for Nature and balance of the environment.

A special journey into the tradition and flavour of our classic Italian wines will convey a magical atmosphere that is a characteristic of our winery.

  • Vigneti Villabella

    Vigneti Villabella

    Winery on the hills of Bardolino

  • Wine tasting

    Wine tasting

    A toast to Dionysus in the Villa Cordevigo cellar